Hello! We hope that everyone is happy. Last unit 4, the KA children were learning about shopping with the central idea” People buy things to fulfill some of their needs”. The children were very excited during this unit. They did many different fun activities and learning engagement. The children were able to name different shops and the things that sold in that shop.

The most exciting activity was when the children shopping in Puri Market to buy the ingredients for cooking soup and making fruit salad and they really enjoyed shopping at Hypermart. Before the children went to Hypermart, they were asked to make their own shopping list with their parents.

By doing this activity, the learn to be responsible as they have to keep their own money, holding the shopping list and buy the things only based on the shopping list. The children were also learning to pay the cashier by themselves. The children really enjoyed and excited doing this activity and they were able to behave well during the shopping time. Ms Yati- KA Teacher

Ms Yati- KA Teacher